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2009 -

4 video channels, 8 audio channels installation (4X4m, dimensions variable)
In collaboration with Kaya Behkalam


Atlas is a progressing image research of iconic quotes ranging from the Kaaba in Mecca to Malevich's Black Square, from the alignment of the Central perspective to the vaulting lines of Turkish-Arab Calligraphy. It meditates on the reciprocity of iconisation and iconoclasm, the central momentum of “modernity”, and a subject of non-European cultures for centuries beforehand. A cubic video installation presents 4 image catalogues ordered in the subdivisions “Ornament”, “Iconoclasm”, “Projections”, and “Perspectives”, derived from 500 years of cultural history on 4 projected canvases. Images from Istanbul Archives and icons of Western art history are placed alongside (self)stagings of contemporary artists and visual findings from various sources, interwoven in the thematic image-carpets.

Inspired by the Image atlas Mnemosyne by Aby Warburg, the continuously changing Imageflow of the installation offers a perspective on East-Western Image(his)stories and history constructions, rendering visible potential and associative relations while grasping the concept of modernity as a non-linear, reciprocal, and continuous process.

Exhibition views from Martin Gropius Bau Berlin, Istanbul Modern Berlin

EurozentrikA: Visual Migrations


Research project and exhibition

Else Lasker Schüler’s Egyptian male alter ego sketched on the back of an envelope, Bruce Nauman impersonating Duchamp‘s Fountain, Julian Assange coining Sweden as „the Saudi Arabia of Feminism“- and a rare collection of modern hijabs: For the arts and science magazine „FKW // Zeitschrift für Geschlechterforschung und visuelle Kultur“ the interdisciplinary research group EUROZENTRIKA has assembled their research material into an exhibition; a collage of subconscious connections, assumptive associations and strange kinships between past and present notions and representational strategies of Self and Other. The focal point is the critical examination of medial polemics surrounding the concept of ,European Identity‘. Eurozentrika is an artistic research group formed by Mikala Hyldig Dal and Nele Brönner in 2009, connecting applied arts, political theory, art history and the social reality of every-day life in Europe. Artists and theorists are invited to exchange ideas about their concept of identity and conterminous subjects with the backdrop of an expanding Europe. We work to create a space for encounters, networking, new ideas, prolific discussions and artistic and academic collaborations.

Contributing artists and scholars: Tanja Ostojić, Maya Schweizer, Ketuta Alexi-Meskhisvilli, Kaya Behkalam, Francesca Romana Ciardi, Alexandra Croituru, Mikala Hyldig Dal, Michaela Eichwald, Azin Feizabadi, Baruch Gottlieb, Sophie Hamacher, Myriam Heinzel, Helena Huneke, Prof. Dr. Linda Hentschel, Melissa Logan, Sophia Martinek, Michaela Melián, Lucia Nimcova, Henrik Olesen, dasFlair, Reto Pulfer, Roseline Rannoch, Prof. Dr. Claudia Reiche, Prof. Dr. Judith Siegmund, Shingo Yoshida, Vania Rovisco, Susanne Winterling & Moira Zoitl and others

Exhibition views from Lab for Emerging Arts and Performance, Berlin

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