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Augmented Reality-Schau: Bei „Kurt-Kurt“ reden Avatare über Isolation

Artist Mikala Hyldig Dal on Housing Politics and Radical Optimism 

Zukunftzssuche durch Kreuzberg 

Artists protests using fake real estate images and dupes investors

Die Verdrängung macht eine Mini Pause

Performance des Pelztiers

Mikala Hyldig Dal asks: Who's Afraid? 

Berliner Kuenstlerin narrt Immobilien-Investoren

Review of Cairo: Images of Transition 

Journal of the Society for Contemporary Thought and the Islamicate World

Zukunftsland 2099

 Berlin Abendblatt

fiktives bauprojekt princess towers berliner kuckucksheim

Interview with Mikala Hyldig Dal 

DR P1 Kulturnyt

Interview with Mikala Hyldig Dal 

 Radio 24syv

Cairos artists and writers draw creative inspiration from their citys turmoil

Campaigning Cairo: the ivory tower of academia opens its door to the public 

Fluxfactory says goodbye with final show 

Queens Chronicle

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